Make the job easier – and quicker.


Work quicker, cleaner

This unique tool supports the disposal unit, leaving your hands free to remove the old one and attach the new one.


Save your back

You won’t have to crawl under the sink. The Support Assembly keeps you outside the sink cabinet.


Steady support

This tool supports the disposal during removal with the Drain Cutter, precisely aligning the new installation. Make adjustments easily, quickly raising and lowering the disposal unit.

See it in action!

Flexible height

Threaded rod extenders allow the Support Assembly to lift up and support garbage disposals at any sink or counter height.


Made to support

The base is slightly wider than the top plate to ensure stability. The threaded rod and top plate combine with the Ring Installer to allow single-handed installation of the sink flange.

Easily adjust height to hold disposal in place

while removing or installing unit.

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