A passion for better

Ken Heaton began working for his father in 1976 and has been a licensed plumber since 1987. He’s owned his own commercial and residential plumbing business in Southern California for 30 years.


Heaton Innovations tools solve a problem no other device has before. Being a plumber, Ken understands where the pain points are and what can make your job easier. We look forward to continuing to introduce new tools to help you do your job better, quicker, and more efficiently.

Making ideas reality

The son of a plumber, he remembers learning to repair his first faucet at a young age. Curiosity and imagination combined to develop a fascination with tinkering and making things better – or making something new.


Inspired by a comment from his 5-year-old son, Daniel, Ken created a better way to replace garbage disposal units. While watching Ken in the typical struggle under the sink, his son asked, “You don’t have a tool for that, dad?” The Disposal Mate was born. Ken has been making additions and perfecting the tool set for the last 12 years.

Development Timeline

2005: First Support Assembly is brought to life.

2006: Improved Support Assembly design.

2008: Ring Installer is designed and developed.

 2010: Improved Ring Installer using Support Assembly Rod and Top Plate attachment.

2012: Drain Splitter is designed and developed.

2018: Moving Water Spa is designed and developed.

2015: Drain Splitter is improved in design and functionality. Spark Containment attachments are designed (Shop Vac Spark Arrestor and Guard)

Keep watching for more tools to help you do your job – better, faster & easier.

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